The Trust is an independent charity, run by a board of 8 to 10 trustees, who are all volunteers. They are responsible for managing the money and assets of the Ebbsfleet Garden City. They are all elected into their role.

About the Trustees

EGCT  trustees represent a cross section of stakeholders. There are:
•  two representatives from EDC,
•  two residents of the Garden City,
•  two elected members (one from each of Dartford and Gravesham Borough Councils),
•  a Community/Voluntary/Faith sector representative,
•  and one from a Housing Association.
•  Two local Business representatives will be added in the new year. All trustees are volunteers.

As EGCT’s operations expand, and it starts to manage land and buildings, further community and stakeholder representatives will be invited to join a Guardianship Group. This group will be made up of people from schools, residents, businesses, VCF, house builders, local authorities etc… , and they will oversee and monitor the work of the EGCT  by providing their advice to the board. This will be to ensure there is a good cross section of voices heard by the Board, to inform their decisions. Future trustees representing residents and Voluntary, Community and Faith groups, will be nominated from the Guardianship Group.

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Guardianship Group

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