As part of the EGCT governance structure, the guardianship group will consist of about 30 people providing a forum for advice and scrutiny to the EGCT Board. It is an unincorporated group, which means it is not a legal organisation with accounts etc, it exists to help govern EGCT.

The Guardianship Group is intended to be as representative as reasonably possible. Members will be made up of local residents, local businesses etc … below is the list of the some of the (stakeholder) groups that will be represented.

  • Local residents (1 per area such as Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Green, Springhead Park, Cable Wharf, Alkerden, Ashmere, Ebbsfleet Cross / Grove Rd, Ebbsfleet Central – what about )
  • Local businesses
  • Schools, Further Education, Adult and Higher Education
  • Voluntary, Community and Faith sector (local charities and places of worship)
  • Developers / House Builders
  • Other public sector partners such as police, health
  • Local authorities
  • Registered Providers (Housing Associations)
  • Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC)

When will the Guardianship Group start?

The process to start the guardianship group will begin in Autumn 2022.

Further Information about the Guardianship Group

The Guardianship group roles and responsibilities have been included in Article 18 of EGCT’s Articles of Association. (This is the document which defines the Trust’s objectives, and how it will operate. It is available on Companies House website EGCT Articles of Association ).

How to become a member of the Guardianship Group

Where appropriate, each of the stakeholder groups (such as local authorities, schools, developers etc…) will be approached to nominate candidates for the Guardianship Group.

For residents, a call to join the Guardianship group will be sent to the all residents via various media, as well as the existing Community Group.

Future trustees representing residents and Voluntary, Community and Faith groups, will be nominated from the Guardianship Group.