Gardening in Ebbsfleet

For those of you with green fingers, or aspiring to have green fingers, have you ever thought about taking part in community gardening, or having  your own allotment? As part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City’s aim to create a healthy living environment for residents, community gardens and allotments are being made available.

‘What is a community garden?’, we hear you say. It is a plot of land that is gardened by the community. It can be used to plant fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers etc.

An allotment can require upto 8 hours attention per week, depending on its size. If you do not have that much time available on a regular basis, but would like the benefits of having an allotment, then a community garden could work for you!

The benefits of community gardening

The intention is to have each of the community gardens and allotments managed by a local Community Garden and Allotment Association made up of residents and local community groups. These groups will be established during 2023.

Our Sites

Springhead Park

Springhead Parkway, Northfleet, DA11 8JJ

Ebbsfleet Green

Tickner Drive, Ebbsfleet Green, DA10 1DW

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