May 1990

Secretary of State – Michael Heseltine grants permission for shopping centre at Bluewater

Oct 1994

Government announces Intermediate station at Ebbsfleet

May 1999

Bluewater shopping centre opens

Nov 2002

Outline planning permission for Ebbsfleet

Dec 2003

Outline application for Eastern Quarry submitted


Residential development in Springhead Park begins

Nov 2007

Ebbsfleet International station opens for international high steed services

May 2008

Eastern Quarry masterplan approved

Dec 2009

Hi Speed domestic train services from Ebbsfleet International commence

Oct 2012

Revised masterplan for Eastern Quarry approved. Proposed International Theme resort on Swanscombe Peninnsula announced

Mar 2014

Outline permission for Ebbsfleet Green granted Government announces proposals for 15,000 home Garden City.

Oct 2014

First occupation of housing at Castle Hill at the eastern end of Eastern Quarry

Apr 2015

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation established.


Construction of Castle Hill homes started.

December 2020

Agreement to set up Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust to be responsible for the stewardship of the Ebbsfleet Garden City, in perpetuity.

September 2021

1st Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust Board of Directors appointed