Community Facilities

Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust expects to take over the management and maintenance of  several community buildings over the coming years, with three completed with in the next three years. Along with the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, we are working very hard to ensure these community facilities complement each other, as well those in the wider surroundings of Gravesend and Dartford . At all stages, our aim is to include residents in the development of the facilities at key points, ensure we partner with community groups to develop inclusive, diverse, and accessible programmes to support social, leisure, health, and economic well-being, and build flexible buildings and spaces that can be adapted to the changing needs of the community.

Springhead Park

The community garden will have a number of raised planter beds, increasing accessibility for all ages and abilities. It will be surrounded by hedging, providing a safe green space to be used by all the community.

The garden will be surrounded by a wildflower orchard containing a variety of fruit trees, paths and seating making this a beautiful and relaxing place to visit.

Ebbsfleet Green

The Ebbsfleet Green site is located at the end of Tickner Drive. It will provide a community garden, orchard and 30 allotments plots.

The Community Garden will be available to the whole community, it will contain various fruiting trees, a wildflower meadow, seating and raised planter beds. It will be surrounded by green hedging and all harvested produce, will be for the community to share.

Ebbsfleet Green Neighbourhood House

Neighbourhood House will be a single-storey community space adjacent to the play park. With space for a wide range of community-based activities led by residents and local community groups. Located near Ackers Drive, the school site and residential homes.

Neighbourhood House will have the advantage of the existing local transport network. All visitors will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the Linear Park and the rest of Ebbsfleet Green, as well as the community cafe.

Alkerden Community Hub

Alkerden Hub will be a landmark community building in Ebbsfleet Garden City. The new Hub will be at the centre of Whitecliffe near the Major Urban Park, an essential part of Alkerden’s Market Centre, all of which will become Alkerden Village. The hub will lie along Fastrack, the bus-only road running through Whitecliffe, providing good connections with Ebbsfleet International in the East and Bluewater to the West. It will also benefit from new bike and pedestrian routes, ensuring excellent connections to neighbouring areas.

Alkerden Hub will provide a range of statutory public services, as well as opportunities for additional cultural and creative spaces by combining learning, health, wellbeing and culture; the Hub aims to support happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles with a commitment to community life in the Garden City and beyond. It will also enjoy fantastic connections to local neighbourhoods, parks, and public spaces. Alkerden Hub is expected to be opened late 2026.

Ebbsfleet Green Community Hub

The Community Hub at Ebbsfleet Green will have a sports focus, acting as a pavilion to serve the adjacent 3G sports pitch and tennis courts. It will have a changing room provision with an office, an attractive gym space, a kitchen and a community hall. The community hall for Ebbsfleet Green will be available for sports and physical activities, including gymnastics, while also serving as an attractive and flexible community space for local residents' events and activities.

The Community Hub will be a state-of-theart sports facility and by integrating community spaces and facilities such as these, every member of the community is welcome to access all the spaces. It won’t be just a sports building but a community venue that the most and the least active in the community can access.

Castle Hill Arts and Cultural Hub

Castle Hill Site D is set to become the Castle Hill Arts and Cultural Hub. Within the village of Castle Hill, this hub will differ from other community spaces in Ebbsfleet. Both the Alkerden Hub and Castle Hill Hub will offer spaces that professionals and community patrons alike can share; however, the Castle Hill Hub will be distinct in its focus on the Arts and Culture sector.

Visitors will be able to access a range of activities and opportunities for music recording and production, workshops, studios, rehearsal and performance space, co-working clusters, and meeting spaces, together with a café / exhibition space, all of which is intended to deliver a vibrant community and arts building. It will be close to a car park and a fast-track stop, opposite a park with local shops and other community spaces nearby.

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