We are Ebbsfleet

The Ebbsfleet Garden City Trust works to ensure the Ebbsfleet Garden City continues to meet the needs of the whole community.

On completion the Ebbsfleet Garden City will provide the vision of EDC, which is to provide a community with:
• 7 City Parks
• 11 Community Centres
• Nearly 6.5 acres of Community Gardens and Allotments
• 58 Local parks and children’s play areas
• 20 Sports Facilities

City Parks

Once completed the Garden City will have 7 major parks providing green open spaces for the use of residents, some with water sports, reflecting Ebbsfleet’s diverse landscape.

Community Centres

A number of community centres will be built across the Garden City, providing spaces for local people and local organisations to hire for community or personal use, such as activity groups, children’s parties and meeting places.

Currently we have Eastgate and Castle Hill, and the next one will be located in Alkderden.


There are plans to have 4 Community Garden and Allotments sites, with the first located in Springhead Park and Ebbsfleet Green.

Local Parks

Ebbsfleet will provide 50 parks and open spaces, consisting of a variety of sizes and types. Each of the 9 villages in Ebbsfleet will have a local park, designed to support the needs of local residents.

Sports  Facilities

As well as 2 new leisure centres, there will be a number of new sports pitches, available for community use. The first leisure centre will be locate
in Ebbsfleet Green.